How do social networks like Brooklyn Art Project help you as an artist? /// Get quoted for an upcoming article

We'd love to hear about your own experiences and how you're using sites like Facebook, Flickr, Myspace and others to find inspiration, market your work and connect with other artists.

We originally posted this question for an op/ed article I wrote for the Brooklyn Arts Council. We got such interesting responses that we kept the conversation going.

You can download the PDF of the final article here. It features some BAP members like Jane Johnson and Kim Mccarthy.

Thanks everyone,

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The guy that replied before me, made a lot of good points. But, notice how he put the negatives first? Anyway, the positives far outweigh the negatives. There are no negatives. The only negatives are within us. The internet has changed humanity. 600 years ago, there was an amazing artist in Indonesia. At the same time, there was an equally amazing artist in
England. These artists died without ever knowing each other. They would have been best friends. The internet connects us to thousands of different types of soul mates. We just need to embrace it completely and see where it takes us. By the way, I'm currently constructing a site called It's mostly going to be Funny T Shirts for Girls and Gourmet Cupcakes : )

If you wanna see a video, by one of the ONLY GUYS that truly understand the internet, then go here

Or, use this embed code
P.S. - If you wanna
Spicy - thanks for you insightful response and for sharing this video by Michio Kaku - he's an amazing theoretical physicist based here in NYC.
Particulary you are right Spicy, but do you think those two grat artists 600 years ago, would be great artists if the knew themselves? I don't think so.They would spend a lot of time talking about art. But if they had an internet and didn't know themselves, showing their art on pages like brooklyn art project, that's more possible scenario of success.

So it's also my own reply to your post Anthony. Not quite directly but inspiring I think.
Sen - thanks for the response. We're working on some really exciting exhibitions for 2008 with established institutions that we'll be announcing in January/February. Stay tuned.... ALSO - please email me directly when you have a minute, I'd love to hear your ideas for exhibitions you would interested in. You can reach me at: anthony at brooklynartproject dot com.

Positives (as an independent curator):
1. I have access to as many pages and connect to many artists as I want, and research them anytime to see if their credentials are accurate, and see how popular the content is users with similar interests
2. It saves me time by knowing who the artist first, and decide whether or not I will schedule a studio visit or write about them to tell other people
3. I can be at more than one place at a time, the networking capacity of the web is phenomenal
4. This new technology is allowing more artists to collaborate across borders, where artists are more enabled for instant idea (audio/visual) exchange
5. The web is here to stay, I feel like at its current stage, before the rating websites takeover, it's the only place that a close to ideal democracy exists
I think the web is a easy way to promote and utilize all the services that sites have to offer. You can meet, sell and connect with people globally as opposed to just locally in your outlining areas like in the past. The web is such a fast way to get your work "out there" and to be seen by everyone instead of sending slides or "snail mail". I personally set aside a few hours a day, everyday uploading, sending and promoting my art work . I send resumes, bios, statements and photographs to galleries,organizations and other types of business' around the world. I've met many wonderful people that have helped and inspired me in many ways, I've traded and purchased lots of work from many artists in numerous locations, if I hadn't ever used the web I don't think I would be where I'm at now nor would I have been able to see all the other great artwork that there is in this world.
As a new member, I'm in a wait see mode. No interest in marketing. Don't rely on my art for financial support, I have another career for that. Stumbled on this site while wandering through the electronic wilderness. Only one comment from another member so far. My experience with another online art community lends little hope for the kind of networking or collaboration imagined in some of these posts. No matter. Big hugs for the designers and administrators of this site for giving me the opportunity to post my work for public consumption. avantgardes, not rondo
As an artist and gallery owner, I know the power of community. It is my opinion “word of mouth,” fuels excitement which helps lead to success. Hard work makes up 95% of what is needed to succeed, the other 5% is spark. A small spark can start a fire and with a little fanning the fire will burn out of control. My gallery is turning three this year and I am amazed at how easy it is to get people interested in art., not just looking but also buying and collecting. All I do is be honest with everyone I meet, let them know their choice is right for them, and if they don’t find something in my gallery then keep looking until they do. How easy is that? People appreciate open honest dialog and true intent always bubbles to the top so by being the best I can be at all times I have managed to turn my books black in a short period. Clients are a huge part of the arts community and it is for them that we work, sure, we work to get ideas out of our heads, but we also have a desire to make someone else happy with the work. I do not like to think of myself as an island, instead I view myself as a link in a chain of islands. My job is to get as many cruise ships to visit all the islands I can. By doing, so I support everyone involved. It is up to the natives to sale their product but I am part of the support system. That is what this art community is, a support system. A place where we can come together and exchange ideas that work and examine ways to improve the community as a whole. By helping, one another we help ourselves. I love doing what I do and never tire of meeting new people and tossing information back and forth, I have so much to learn, but I am always willing to give information freely and without strings.

Max Boyd Harrison
I enjoy this website. It great recieving other people's point of views on how to cope in the art world. This should be an easy era for artist to exploit thier work by use of websites such as this one, or MySpace or Facebook. By the way I'm putting out a comic at the end of July. I had gotten my first customer today from my Facebook that wants me to send him a copy of my book. How cool is that?

Recently I had bought myself a studio, scanner, and I need a better laptop to start my own comic book biz. The Brooklyn Arts Project can really help me alot to get my biz going.
Glad you're enjoying Brooklyn Art Project. Would love to see your comic, if you'd like to send me a link with more info perhaps we can feature it here on this site. :)

Does anyone understand PayPal? I have an account and I'm trying to set it up on my site.
I'm starting my own buisness and i can't link my site with PayPal.

Here's my website

I just don't understand paypal and I'm about to tell my customers to send me checks and money orders by snail mail.



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