Hi all,
How do one get accepted by a gallery without them
knowing who you are? In other words is there a gallery
that accept artist without having heard of him/her through a friend, magazine,
other gallery but just through a submission? It doesn't really seems like it. I have very few contacts in the world of galleries so I try to reply to ads that seek artist through craigslist etc. Any other thoughts about this matter?


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Well maybe dress in a spidey mask is a good idea
Thanks i like the Anni Holm thing it was interesting. I have hung work at bars
a record shop and at an office so I know it's possible. It just seems much
harder when it comes to galleries. I've tried submitting to a ton of various galleries
and most often none of them replies. I know they probably get millions of submissions
but a gallery seems much more careful and concerned about word of mouth etc
when it comes to pick artists. Well I guess it's just to keep working back to the paper ;)
ask local bars or rent a space to show your work
Hi all,
an artist friend suggested me to approach galleries with a nice portfolio meaning strong ideas, like not different pieces but series, having a relation among them, they seem to like it better like that. I try everything, anything that can put your name out there, going to art openings it's important and fun. You can do charity, fund raisers, etc, that help others and helps you, also browse call for artists at sites, like Craig's list, etc, make some nice postcards, participate like here http://www.ithacafinechocolates.com/inar.html
I dunno. Hope it helps, I have no idea though... =p
I like your work! =)
Thanks for the reply, I know it's tricky.
I agree with the red thread through the work you show,
that makes sense. I think I'm not quite there yet, I seem
to struggle with different ideas, techniques etc although I think
I have a black&white comic kind of style. People also respond to
different things. But in general with the first approach I guess consistence is important.
Thanks again :0

Hi all- I found this thread through Romina and thought I'd post. What she says in her post up there is exactly right. Find a style that you are comfortable with and stick with it. I have always had a hard time with doing that, but galleries see that as a sign of artistic maturity. I have always hated doing that because I love to experiment with different styles and techniques, but the harsh reality is that the galleries can't market you as well if your art isn't consistently recognizable as your own style. Here's a link to Juxtapoz Magazine's mySpace page. They're starting a nationwide submissions party. They've had a few in SF already and plan to take it to cities across the US.
That sounds like fun! Too bad I'm on the other coast... I know what you mean about the series and experimenting. I do paint whatever I feel, and try to invent techniques, since I don't have an artistic formal education I guess I feel more like a kid? And I do nudes, or a political thought, or now I'm into bridges because I love them and I can mix my architectural background... Some people like what I do, I feel good doing it so here I am, I keep trying. I was able to have shows in small galleries, really cool humble attitudes and owned by incredible artists, I couldn't believe it. One thing is sometimes I see stuff in big galleries and I'm truly horrified, like what is this? It's weird. Then I browse these sites and I find amazing talent and awesome people struggling to show their stuff, it's crazy. I remember Van Gogh who only sold 2 paintings and to his brother, now all the merchandising is nuts, no respect. But in all this process you see the reflection of this world. Ok, enough of this cheap philosophy, gonna read in bed. =p
I've gotten to the point that when I'm interested in a style or something like that, I simply do as much in that style as I can. Right now it's pop art, so I'm just pumping out as many as I can before I decide to switch gears. This way I have a run of something that I can show a gallery.

As far as the Juxtapoz thing- keep your eye on it Romina. I'm sure when they take the party on the road, they'll hit the east coast. Maybe they'll do one near Washington. You're in Arlington, right?



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