I'm old school in that I learned a technological approach to painting. Much of what I see today is based on drawing. More like colored sketches rather than using paint in and of itself.

Not that I think that is bad, I do it myself, and computers have blurred the need for impasto & glazing to achieve an image.

So my question is, have computers & photography pushed emphasis more towards drawing, so the technical aspects of using the medium of paints to achieve a rich surface become irrelevant?

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I think there is a special energy that comes through the eye the body and the hand when you paint with traditional tools.There is room for every kind of expression in every medium as long as people make it they will come.
Nothing can replace the beauty from a painting painted by the soul of a painter.

Hans Mertens
we can say that painting is the begginig of art so if we want to go forward we must come back to the origin
Lifetime fantasy to create is ingrained in the genes of the fortunate recipent. Oil/Canvas is a level of Expression afforded a few individuals whom take it upon themselves to carry the torch of "The Old School". I am the only Contemporary Master That had "Art Show From The Lava Flow" whereas the Guests were allowed to dance on 60 Large Format Oil/Canvas Images, as I played music under the stars, and sipped champagne right where the Earth begins, from the latest lava flow.
ok but what you are saying is that painting is dead?????? and master????? of what ??????
we can never know everything we should be humble always. but i like your idea of performance, it sounds fun!!!
Is Humility supposed to work like a silent but deadly FAAAARRRRTTTT!!!!! Life has a continuity into its furthest reaches, and let's just say we are headed into a dead zone; unless we start another life-giving, and life -saving dialog, with our inner and outer dimensional concept of what is. Our hypnosis has been less than adequet to replenish Our Motherships Abundance Concept of YesterYear. I Remember Wilderness and Flocks as well as Wild Herds and Beasts in the night. We have eradicated almost anything we didn't agree with. We never even tried to repair the Ozone. We used antilife forces such as nuclear devices in and under our atmosphere without consideration of any consequence. It's our Greatest Flaw as a Society To Envade and Establish Control of any Foreign Land at the cost of our Financial Freedom. "Thou Shall Not Kill" is the whole of the law.
I agree. I think paintings offer something very human that will be a welcoming oais in our tect crazed world.

Of course it is.
Please observe.....


and check out my work
William Irving Singer.
as long as walls exist so will painters and paintings.
Well....... unless you think you are your bodies then in reality we are all using computers to create

same goes for human robots
The question really is- Is the concept of "Art" still relevant? {Here I mean, as separate from decoration, advertising, & shock-stuff.} When does any work ever rise above one of those three categories?
I know that `technological training' does not necessarily allow an artist to make a work that transends `decoration, advertising, & shock-stuff '. This is partly, I think, because academic training often is poor - great teachers are few and far between- while most teachers are `just' struggling artist and not `real' teachers.
Our society {in the largest sense of the word} cannot even agree on what the concept of `art' means. I rember a lecture by Steven Covey who said that deep down most every individual knows what is right and what is wrong - even when they act in ways contrary to their inner knowledge. Most often the cause of a person "acting in ways contrary to their inner knowledge" is for external acceptance.
Society, as a concept in itself, requires conformity, and for individuals first to ignore themselves and their own wants and needs, and second to adapt wants and needs to fill wants and needs of the society in general. Shakespeare's advice on the subject holds true: `To thine own-self be true.'
Securely Van Gogh could have painted works that were more `common' and thus more sale-able. Surely some of the adepts of Indian sand painting could choose a medium more endurable (and sale-able).

That said, if you are interested in ~Art~ as opposed to decoration, advertising, & shock-stuff. (and making money -which has actually no real connection to the true meaning of the word) then follow this prescription:: Eat when you are hungry. Drink when you are thirsty. Sleep you are tired. And paint when you feel impulse.

~ may the muses be with you, and all your days be filled with wonder and new discoveries~



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