Traditional artists despise all things remixed. Others say it's the absolute next phase for art. Where do you stand?

Maybe Andy Warhol was right. Apply his factory model to today's web 2.0 and you've got something pretty interesting. That's what this site is all about, think of it as a giant sandbox that all the artists can play in.

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get re-mixy with it! But leave the identity of the artist intact. It is only fair, so people can find the work that inspired you.
I don't really like Andy Warhol, however, the collaborative aspects I think are the fundamentals of art. I look at it this way; steal, borrow, remix my art and it does not matter it will always be mine. I get angered when someone else makes money off of my work and here I am broke..I think this is where those lines are crossed and we as artist get bitter. However, this site is great and I want to know everyone, speak with everyone and do some awesome collaborations..Maybe we could have some great art battles or send collaborative drawings through the mail where everyone can have a section and mail it off to each other and finally post it here on the website.
I think it's a wonderful idea. I remember when I first got into computers ('96-'97). I hung out on Usenet in the alt.surrealism newsgroup and there were about 6 or 7 artists that I used to pass images back and forth with doing essentially what the mashup group is doing here. Great fun to have a place dedicated to that. As far as theft or whatever, as long as someone is giving me credit (at least) for use, then I don't really have a problem. I think there's a line though. Usually it gets crossed when there's money involved. I think it depends on the amount of work that is mine vs. theirs also.



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