Traditional artists despise all things remixed. Others say it's the absolute next phase for art. Where do you stand?

Maybe Andy Warhol was right. Apply his factory model to today's web 2.0 and you've got something pretty interesting. That's what this site is all about, think of it as a giant sandbox that all the artists can play in.

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Well when you say 'remix' it's like a collaboration right? No one is stealing from another...we are just there to inpire and create together, to make up a powerful unity of creation. To introduce ourselves to other artists with similar emotional pathways/ outlets/ passions...
Ashley - Yes, and well said. :) Our goal with the site is to leverage the reach and interactivity of the web to encourage artists to collaborate globally in ways that weren't possible even just a few years ago. We'll be launching some competitions soon that will provide organized ways for members to work together on actual canvases as well as electronic file formats.

We're just getting started but we've some big plans for the site. We hope to amplify the voice of artists everywhere and strengthen their creativity through collaboration. Thanks for the post.

Anthony Cospito
Co-Founder -
Andy Warhol was right. Art is whatever one believes art to be... such as a Campbell's soup can?
i don't want anything i say to make people less likely to approach me for collaboration, i'm definitely into working with other artists, but i think sometimes the lines are blurry for some people as to what's collaboration, and what's just outright theft. money makes this line inexistent for some. however, i think anybody who would steal from another artist, isn't truly an artist...if they were, they would realize immediately how personal the creative process is and never want to violate it. an instance is fresh in my mind of somebody stealing some of my b/w ink drawings to produce some stickers. it's nice to see them on people's cars and stuff, but they're profiting off of me and that isn't right...especially when it's an image i made freely available online in the first place. i wouldn't really care if they were just given away...that would just be a tangible version of what it already was. otherwise it's the same as somebody else getting my paycheck for my work. that's why alot of my art sports those ugly "copyright" tags on them. anybody who's done any freelance work knows that the creativity leeches out there are only looking after their own best interests. bleh...leaves the taste of distrust in my mouth...and worst yet, it makes me sound petty and money driven....i'm going to shut up now...
I feel your pain.

I'm in search of the perfect protection device myself, the best a copyright will do is provide legal avenues to gain what is rightfully yours (dollars).

Thanks for the watermark link... reseaching. Why does it have to be so hard?

It's acceptable to be money driven when it is your idea, your talent, and your initiative that creates that which has not been created. Only to have it stolen by a less fortunate soul, who has not talent, no idea as to what is right and what is wrong.
In a world of 6.5+ billion people, new ideas are few and far. We're all remixing and have been for the last 50 years. Recontexturalizing (phew) seems no more or less valuable than invention. Cleverness and creativity are the cornerstones of work that works.
Creativity, imagination and innovation will always rank supreme over the everyday stautus quo.
I agree with Jonathan D Price, there are alot of leeches out there that will steal your ideas and images without asking, but Like Chris Van Held said, " new ideas are few and far" it seems like to me when I come up with something "new" in my head or on paper, I find something similar to it has already been made by someone else. A lot of people can't afford to copyright every image they come up with and creating art these days seems so much more cut-throat than before, Also it seems like everyone paints in the same style and not there own. There has been many artists work that I have found very inspiring over the years and at times would love to copy their style or work, but I don't. Knowing I wouldn't want someone to take mine. Juxtapoz Magazine just had a great article on stealing images, here's a link to the blogs about current stealing by big/small companies and big/small bastards

Now on a good note, so far everyone on this site has great and original art, I would collaborate with any of you.
what are peoples feelings on found footage?
All of the clips in this piece are from the prelinger archives (royalty free). Narrative from found notes and writings. Collaboration with local artist, narrator.
Hi everyone time I ping in here. First off there is not an artist around that has not been motivated by other art or not had a profound effect upon ones own work . I fully understand and support the efforts here you want to publish your works you can do it no agents needed for as little as 20 bucks pretty powerful stuff.

It's all really about leveraging the community we belong to be it Seattle, NY, LA or podunk U.S.A out here we can actually exchange ideas and thoughts with people form where ever will some grab ideas yes happens in real life also.

My area if art is not unlike what is here but with a specific purpose in mind. But no matter what area one tends to focus their works towards Art has always changed the world one person at a time. So perhaos as I get to know people here new ideas will emerge. I've already found some outstanding art on the home page I might never had known about if it were not for the web.

This is good stuff I think.
I think some of the best art out there is being done with collaboration the Web makes it easy you have a web site I'll cross link you. Check out

I am finishing up putting together a table top art book of about 30 years of my photography and painting using Blurb to self publish just for family. Now what about a few people displaying works here get together do the same thing? It's not expensive check it out.

I think video re-mixes are great especially if they use public archives and I did like the video Joe. Here is a little one I did Ping me if you want to do short political things could use that sort of help.

Thomas I always give credit where credit is due. I have also learned over the years not to give art to unknown sources. There is also the realm of fair use which I also use when in fact I get no response or cannot find the original person and I am lucky have a civil rights attorney friend very versed in fair use and run my stuff through her if I have doubts. But in a political setting fair use is very important as my little video re-mix shows.
Once a guy ripped off one of my cartoons and used it on one of those goofy Napa Valley Cartoon Maps. When I saw him at Kinko's I said "hey You make cartoon maps? I like that cartoon" he replied nervously " yeah but I can't take credit for the cartoon, I am not the artist on this one. The people who had this cartoon done loved it so much that they wanted me to use it on the map. Usually I do them myself...I hope this guy doesn't get pissed off and sue me!" that I replied, "Na he is cool with it, he made money on it and is flattered that they like it so much!" He looked at me...puzzled. Then I told him, "I am the artist and it is cool that you are stealing to put me on the map, as long as my signature is still on it some where!"

So if anyone wants to remix my stuff...I say have at it...just make sure my signature stays on it! Thanks!



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